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Like a lot of you, I’ve been using the internet for many years as a source of information and entertainment.  I have been wading through the layers of crap far to long.   This site has been set up so I could share my findings.  Taking a side seems to be a thing of the past in this world of virtual reality and hiding behind made up avatars.

Website Ideas

I plan on staying clear of politics, religion and the backside of the Kardashian sisters.  No haters here. I respect the hell out of their ability to turn gossip and parties into a multi-million dollar a year business.  That being said, we will discuss wealth and what it means to me to be wealthy.

We will talk about Health.  Having a healthy life depends on our ability to make healthy choices.  It’s not all about one magic diet or the latest workout trends. It’s not about having a membership to a posh gym or a personal trainer.  I’m not saying that a personal chief is off the table or spending time at a special wellness retreat is a bad thing.  I think a healthy life starts way before we get to that place.

Happiness is one of my favorite topics along with cool robotic tech and anything that flies by remote control.  Lets get this out there right now. There is no such thing as a “happy pill”.  If you’ve never heard that before, well then, you have heard it hear first.  I’ll try to keep my opinion about big pharmacy and the millions of dollars a year they spend in prime time TV advertisements so they can make a few extra billion dollars on top of the trillions that they get yearly to my self.  That rant doesn’t count.

My website plans

Just like the majority of you all, I have a regular job so I won’t be posting to often.  Once I get the hang of it I would like to get some meaningful content up at least once a week. I have been using a great free website seo audit tool from Baffman Media.  They allow you to run an audit on your website three or four times.  I’ll find out and let you all know.  They have a thingy that checks your website for all the stuff that Google and Bing checks.  It’s like 30-35 things.  They tell you what is good and what is wrong.  Green is good and red is wrong.   Basically what I am doing is this, I ran the audit tool once so far and can do it again as I get the red stuff done to make sure I did it right.  Check it out here at Baffman Media free website tool.  It’s free and it’s great.  They didn’t send me ten emails a week after I used it ether.  I hope they don’t change that.

I went off on a tangent there. Back to it.  So, I hope you book mark this page.  I’m hoping to have some cool reads  and videos for you very soon.  It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this.  The sun is starting to come out after a long, hard rain last night so I got to go and pick up branches and some other papers that blew in the yard.  I’ll be posting again as soon as I figure out how to make categories and the top menu thingy work together.

See you soon,

Dirk Pitt 3rd